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There are a lot of casino games out there now than there used to be. Nowadays we have everything from blackjack to craps to poker to baccarat. You also have each game that you can easily play at a table accessible to you at a machine! Casino games are continuously changing with the times to keep poker players are interested and to keep them coming back.

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One of these casino games is blackjack. It’s one of the most ordinary table games. In blackjack, the dealer must deal cards to the poker players at the table and to the house. The house is the casino, and the dealer represents the house. The object of blackjack is to get a twenty-one, or an ace or a face card. If the player does not get a blackjack, he must beat the house. In order to do this, the player must get closer to twenty one than the house without going over. In blackjack, aces count as one or eleven, numbered cards equal their value and picture cards count as 10. If there is a tie, then everybody is even.

The dealer waits for all the bets to be placed by the players, and then the dealer goes around the table from left to right and deals each player a card facedown as well as dealing one to the home. He then deals each player a card face up. The players then state whether they want any other cards. When everybody is satisfied with their number of cards, everyone turns over their cards and see who beats the house. If one or more of the players did, the dealer gives them the payoff.

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Casino games like blackjack all have dealers. Blackjack dealers work in what is known as a pit. There are four tables in each pit and five dealers. Blackjack dealers usually work for an hour and then break. The additional dealer is available to relieve the dealer who is on break. Dealers and everyone else in the casino are always being watched by others, including his bosses. Everything that takes place in the gaming area is also screened and videotaped by banks of surveillance cameras. This protects both the casino and the player from possible cheating or stealing.

Casino games are always changing with the times. In addition, dissimilar casinos offer different casino games. You should check with your casinos before you pay them a visit to find out which casino games they present.